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2000mg ¡Fuacata! (Joints)Extra Strength CBD Topical Lotion 50mL/1.69oz
  • 2000mg ¡Fuacata! (Joints)Extra Strength CBD Topical Lotion 50mL/1.69oz

    ¡Fuácata! is for joint inflammation. (For example, people who have tennis elbow find it works really well. People who have diabetes and suffer from neuropathy in their feet or hands have told us that it is the only thing that has helped.) This has been our fastest selling product—everyone who has tried it has purchased and repurchased. It has been formulated to penetrate through to the joint—other products just sit on top of the skin—and they can’t provide any relief until they get to the inflamed area below the skins surface.

    Finally, a soothing CBD based topical for joints and muscles that actually works!  

    ¡Fuácata! Extra Strength is comprised of an elegant, water-based cream formula, so it fully absorbs into your skin and brings quick relief to help alleviate discomfort. Non-sticky and lightweight, it does not feel uncomfortable or heavy on your skin. 

    It doesn't simply mask your discomfort, it effectively reduces inflammation and relieves soreness from within, so you’ll be up and running in no time. 

    • 2000 mg THC-Free CBD in every bottle
    • Strongest CBD Topical on the Market Today!
    • Instant comfort and long-lasting relief
    • Improves circulation while managing the ache
    • Anti-bacterial

    Directions: Use a small amount directly on the affected areas and massage as you normally would.


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