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Hemp Bochinche Hibiscus Tea Blend   (6 pack)
  • Hemp Bochinche Hibiscus Tea Blend (6 pack)

    Each teabag can make over a gallon of hot tea.  Drink  hot or cold. 

    For best results, add a fat to the tea.  Butter, Coconut oil, milk, almond milk or your favorite creamer for example.  There is also the famous Kimbara 'Coquito'.  The cannabidiols in the prepared hemp flower attaches better to fatty molecules. 

    Hibiscus flowers and mint from the Kimbara gardens in a delicious blend with clove, cinnamon, ginger and the finest hemp flower.  








    *Hemp Flower 

    1 gram of decarboxilized hemp flower in each tea bag.  6 tea bags per package.

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