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Cálmate Hemp Lotion 8oz or 16 oz
  • Cálmate Hemp Lotion 8oz or 16 oz

    ~Calmate is good enough for your face.  It smells very clean with hints of lavender.  

    Get your intro prices on these new products now!!!

    8 oz bottle for $16 (reg 20) or 16 oz pump for $28 (reg 34).

    This botanically rich, all natural, organic formula leaves your skin hydrated, silky and lasts a long time.  

    All 4 of these have magnificent ingredients.  This has everything below minus the balsam.  

    My recipe may be a secret but my wholesome ingredients are not.  Everything is purposeful. 

    * Aloe Vera Leaf Juice 

    * Water used is reverse osmosis

    * Coconut oil 

    * Shea butter 

    * Kimbara CBD Oil 

    * Neopentyl glycol 

    * Panthenol B5

    *  Emulsifying wax derived from palm oils. 

    * Silk Powder 

    * Kimbara Cariño Raw Honey 

    * Vegetable Glycerin 

    * Vitamin E oil 

    * Lavender Oil

    * Propylene glycol 

    * Vanilla extract

    * Natural lilac dye, no chemicals, all organic.   


    Each 8 oz bottle has .6mL of Wepa De Oro CBD Oil.  Each 16 oz bottle has 1.2mL of Wepa de Oro CBD Oil.

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