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Pepas CBD Soft Gels 750mg (30ct)
  • Pepas CBD Soft Gels 750mg (30ct)

    ~Helps to relieve discomfort

    ~Improves mood

    ~Reduces anxious feelings and stress

    ~Promotes well-being and overall health and much more!

    Full spectrum CBD provides the natural derived profile of the hemp plant and promotes an entourage effect (includes <0.3% THC), which results from more parts of the hemp plant interacting with your body in order to create a synergistic effect.


    A few more formulas coming... same prices for each of the below...

    * full spectrum liquid capsules, 25mg CBD ea, 30 ct

    * energy and focus soft gels, 20mg CBD & 10mg CBG ea, 30 ct

    * sleep support soft gels, 25mg CBD & 3mg CBN ea, 30 ct

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