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What's in your bundle?

Valentine's Day is a good time to send someone you love, including yourself, a Kimbara CBD Bundle. It might get overwhelming to decide what to create. We can help.


You can create a theme, like wellness or sexy time or go all out and mix it way up. The possibilities are endless. The beauty is that it does not have to have all of any type of item. Also, if you are just unsure, we are a phone call or message away, ready to assist in these delicate matters.

A Wellness Care Kit might have a flavored CBD Oil like bombón that tastes like an orange cream and is THC free. It may have a soothing scented silk CBD Face Mask like Seda that comes in an exotic mango or refreshing cucumber-melon. I can go on forever about the health benefits of the Bochinche Tea made in house with Kimbara Garden's own grown hibiscus and mint. It also has freshly ground ginger, clove, anise, cinnamon and hemp is optional. It always comes with some additional candied pieces of ginger. Each tea bag makes a gallon or more of tea. What? I know, right.

A Sexy Time Bundle could have one of the very delicious Suavemente intimate arousal oils. My favorite is Bust a (Coco)nut. Among relaxing and lubricating, it will reduce discomfort and inflammation that can be associated with such issues as with vaginal atrophy. It comes in 2 strengths. Strong 500mg and Super Strong 1000mg. The Amable Massage Oil is one of our best sellers. The soothing scent of cinna spices can put anyone in the mood. Top that off with an ¡Azúcar! Sugar Face Scrub and your pampering will be on its course. It comes in 3 scents and one has a masculine flair that anyone can use. And then there's the Relájate bath bombs.... oh wow. The essential oils of lavender, lemon, orange and peppermint combined with the fizzy epson salts and CBD are perfection. They come in Relax and Sleep specific scents.

These are just a few of the many choices you can add to your bundle. Lollipops, brownies, cookies, red velvet cupcakes, candles, chocolates, roses, beef jerky, honey sticks are just a few of the more popular items for Valentine's Day Bundles. Look around on the Shop Page and tell us what will be in your bundle.

10% off all bundles of 4 or more. 10% off plus free shipping or delivery in bundles of 8 or more. Call (630) 537-0019 for help getting a custom bundle specific to your desires.

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